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Call for papers

Data & Policy Journal – Call for papers

Due Date
20 Dec 2019

Data & Policy is a new, peer-reviewed open-access journal dedicated to the potential of data science to address important policy challenges. It aims to promote a deeper understanding of what the opening editorial calls "policy-data interactions" by publishing research that takes a “consistent, symmetrical approach to consideration of systems of policy and data, [and] how they interact with one another.” The journal publishes work that confronts the barriers to the greater use of data and analytics in policy-making and governance initiatives, and contributions that explore how data can be used in an ethical, responsible and efficient manner.

Articles are overseen by the Editors-in-Chief - Zeynep Engin (University College London & Data for Policy), Jon Crowcroft (University of Cambridge & Alan Turing Institute) and Stefaan Verhulst (GovLab, New York University) - and an international Editorial Board of leading names with expertise with data in different domains. 

Data & Policy is now open to submissions of articles in the following categories:

  • Research articles demonstrating how data science can inform or impact policy;
  • Data & Policy reports, which can include edited working papers and findings from international organisations, government agencies and other bodies;
  • Commentaries that discuss issues relating to data science and policy, a recent or anticipated article or study that warrants further explanation, or an overview of an issue relevant to Data & Policy;
  • Replication studies that examine previously published research, whether published in Data & Policy or elsewhere, and report on an attempt to replicate the findings.

Case studies are also welcomed, whether they are positive or negative examples of the use of data and data analytics in policy, and they can be submitted as research articles or commentaries depending upon their rigour and length.

Example areas of interest for Data & Policy include but are not limited to:

  • Governance technologies;
  • Data responsibility by design;
  • Digital systems for infrastructure and governance;
  • Data, communities and public services;
  • Data science and artificial intelligence for the public good;
  • Algorithmic governance and fairness;
  • Ethics, trust and personal data;
  • Policy for data, law and regulation.

We are also open for proposals for special collections of papers that may, for example, originate from workshops, conferences and other events. See the instructions for special collections.

As an open access journal, we ask authors of accepted research articles with grant funding or access to institutional open access funds to contribute an article processing charge to cover the costs associated with publishing. However, thanks to partnerships with the Alan Turing Institute, the Office for National Statistics and UCL, we are able to waive these charges for unfunded authors.

Authors can submit articles through the Data & Policy ScholarOne system. For more information see the instructions for authors and contact with any questions.

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