The Australian Temperament Project: the first 30 years

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This report highlights some of the key learnings about human development from the Australian Temperament Project (ATP) - a groundbreaking longitudinal study that, to date, has followed a large group of Victorians from their birth to age 30 years. The ATP is a joint project between the Australian Institute of Family Studies, the Royal Children's Hospital, the University of Melbourne and Deakin University and is one of only a few in the world with information on three generations of study members - the young people, their parents, and now the young people's own children.

Chapters include: The Australian Temperament Project, by Suzanne Vassallo and Ann Sanson; Infancy and early childhood, by Ann Sanson and Frank Oberklaid; The primary school years, by Margot Prior and Diana Smart; Early adolescence, by Primrose Letcher and Craig Olsson; Mid/late adolescence, by Diana Smart, John W. Toumbourou, Ann Sanson and Keri Little; Early adulthood, by Mary Hawkins, Meredith O'Connor, Suzanne Vassallo, Craig Olsson and Diana Smart; and Future directions and opportunities: adulthood and the third ATP generation, by Ann Sanson, Suzanne Vassallo, Jacqui Macdonald, Ben Edwards and Craig Olsson.

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