edna: awareness, perceptions and needs of first year teachers

2 Jan 2009
Description was a shared company of the Ministries of Education and Training from each of the States, Territories and the Commonwealth. It provided innovative technology solutions for education and training, primarily for use by educators in the key sectors of the education system. commissioned this research to inform the development of edna (Education Network Australia) which provided an extensive range of online services and tools to support education and training in Australia. The research aimed to ascertain:

• the needs of first year teachers in relation to ICT;
• the extent to which they currently use ICT in their preparatory work and in the classroom and for other purposes;
• how well their pre-service training helped them meet these needs;
• the preferred methods of delivery of these services;
• what barriers they experience in the use of on-line services;
• what influences them in their choice and use of on-line services.

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