Educators and ICT usage: market research report

2 Jan 2009
Description was a shared company of the Ministries of Education and Training from each of the States, Territories and the Commonwealth. It provided innovative technology solutions for education and training, primarily for use by educators in the key sectors of the education system. commissioned this research using McGregor Tan Research in order to provide it with the level and quality of knowledge necessary to enable it to develop and provide the products and services relevant to education in its key markets.

More specifically, the purpose of this research is to:
• Identify the user needs of educators, including services which may not be currently
provided by
• Identify which sources educators currently access to utilise the services they
• Ascertain the preferred methods of delivery of these services, whether through
online libraries, blogs, forums etc
• Determine the level of awareness of and the services it provides
and the satisfaction levels of those who use them
• Determine how the services provided by could be improved

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