In recent years, the internet has become an essential tool for living. More people are using internet-based communications to stay in touch with friends and family, conduct business and access information.


Older people with low internet skills are unable to conduct business or access important services over the web. They can be isolated from their community and family at a time in their lives when feeling connected is very important. In short, they are often on the wrong side of the digital divide.

National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre has released a new report titled Older Australians and the Internet: Bridging the Digital Divide, which sets out to explore what older Australians who never or rarely use the internet know about the types of online products and services available to them, and how they might use these to improve their daily life. It has identified the barriers to internet use that exist for the over 50s, and what kind of support is needed to overcome these and bridge the digital divide..

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