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Literature review

12 Jun 2014

Approximately half of all apprenticeship contracts in the trades are not completed. This review draws together existing research and data to find out why apprentices do not complete their training.

Introduction: The aim of this review is to collate the existing research on...


2 Apr 2014

The authors examine factors that influence young people's plans to complete Year 12, their aspirations to commence university study in the first year after leaving school and their expected occupation at age 30. They also examine the extent to which the occupational aspirations of teenagers...


18 Feb 2014

This paper uses the 2011 Census data to quantify the impact of educational disadvantage among Indigenous Australians for labour market participation, employment and occupational destinations.


Economic participation is one of the fundamental building blocks identified in the Closing the Gap initiative...


30 Sep 2011

Research in the social sciences is routinely affected by missing data. Not addressing missing data appropriately may yield research findings that are either 'slightly off' or 'plain wrong'. This study demonstrates why and how frequently used simple remedies for missing data can impact on research...

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