OCHRE: Opportunity, choice, healing, responsibility, empowerment

NSW Government plan for Aboriginal affairs: education, employment & accountability
Aboriginal Australians Aboriginal Australians economic participation Aboriginal Australians education Self-determination Government services New South Wales

The Ministerial Taskforce on Aboriginal Affairs (the Taskforce) was established by the NSW Government in late 2011 to inform a new plan – OCHRE – to improve education and employment outcomes for Aboriginal people in NSW and to enhance service accountability to support these goals. Extensive consultations with Aboriginal communities, stakeholders and industry gave some 2,700 people the opportunity to contribute to the taskforce’s work.

OCHRE aims to support strong Aboriginal communities in which Aboriginal people actively influence and participate fully in social, economic and cultural life. To achieve this, we need to:

  • Teach more Aboriginal languages and culture to build people’s pride and identity
  • Support more Aboriginal students to stay at school
  • Support more Aboriginal young people to get fulfilling and sustainable jobs
  • Grow local Aboriginal leaders’ and communities’ capacity to drive their own solutions
  • Focus on creating opportunities for economic empowerment
  • Make both government and communities more accountable for the money they spend.
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