Towards a new school funding model

A submission in response to the school funding review research reports
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This paper argues for new institutional arrangements, such as the establishment of a federal schools commission to coordinate school funding.

Save Our Schools urges the School Funding Review Committee to recommend a new national school funding model which consists of three basic components: a national resource standard, a baseline government funding component to ensure that all schools meet the NRS and an equity funding component:

  • The baseline component for government schools should be equal to the NRS while it should vary for private schools to take account of the resources provided from private sources of funding and a discount factor which varies according to the extent to which private schools meet the same social and democratic obligations of government schools;
  • Equity funding should be provided to ensure that all students achieve a Year 12 education and that students from different social backgrounds achieve similar outcomes. The equity loading should be the same for all government and private school students.
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