Our futures: by the people, for the people

How mass involvement in shaping the future can solve complex problems
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All over the world democracies are struggling to cope. Many of their citizens increasingly see the future as something to be afraid of and want to take refuge in the past. Many have lost confidence that their children will be better off than them. At the same time many governments are weak – lacking strong electoral support – and fiscally fragile. As a result, even more than usual, governments are tending to avoid the hard choices.

This guide has been created for early adopters in the public sector or civil society who might commission participatory futures, perhaps due to their involvement with public engagement or strategy.

The guide focuses on these themes:

  • What are participatory futures?
  • Why do we need participatory futures?
  • What are the benefits of participatory futures?
  • Beyond citizens’ assemblies: new approaches to participatory futures
  • What role can participatory futures play in decision-making?
  • Building the evidence base for participatory futures
  • Design variables for participatory futures
  • Ten tips for success
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