Investigation into the Office of Police Integrity

12 Oct 2011

Critical of the Office of Police Integrity for failing to apply sufficient whistleblower protection laws, this report investigates allegations of misused powers with regard to the OPI's investigative actions against senior staff.

1.    This report examines whether the Office of Police Integrity (OPI):
•    properly dealt with a complaint made to it
•    investigated the complaint on a valid legal basis
•    conducted an assessment and investigation into the complaint in good faith
•    used information from a whistleblower investigation to initiate an own motion investigation
•    can investigate the actions of a Ministerial Officer on leave without pay from Victoria Police
•    used its telecommunications interception powers appropriately.

2.    This report also discusses the complexity of the whistleblower legislation in Victoria and the current limitations of oversight arrangements with regard to the use of telecommunication interceptions.

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