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Briefing paper

14 Jan 2016

The $7 billion needed for the Federal Government to fund the last two years of the Gonski plan can be easily financed. The Government has a potential revenue pool of at least $34 billion a year by reducing several tax concessions to high income earners...


4 Jul 2013

This paper argues that new research challenges the common view that more expenditure does not lead to better school performance.


A new review of research studies on the relationship between expenditure on schools and education outcomes has challenged the common view...

Discussion paper

13 Aug 2012

Using several recent international reports as evidence, this policy brief argues that the extensive use of private tutors in East Asia has a detrimental affect on family budgets, children's time and national education systems.

A recent report by the Asian Development Bank...


17 Oct 2011

Students in the lowest socio-economic status (SES) government schools in Australia are, on average, three to five years behind the learning of students in the highest SES government and private schools.

Inequity and injustice continue to pervade Australian education under Labor. Data published on...

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