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Griffith Asia Lecture 2019: delivered by the Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum, Dame Meg Taylor

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Dame Meg Taylor, Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum, has outlined the Forum’s overarching framework of “the Blue Pacific” during the 2019 Griffith Asia Lecture in Brisbane.

She notes that Pacific leaders “see opportunities to not only secure the future of the Pacific, but also, as Epeli Hau’ofa describes it, to realise a new era of autonomy following the achievement of political independence.”

“The Blue Pacific represents our recognition that as a region, we are large, connected and strategically important,” she said. “It speaks to our collective potential and our shared stewardship of the Pacific Ocean. It underlies our ownership of our ocean space – Pacific people taking control of our domain – critical to managing our ocean resources, biodiversity, ecosystems and data, as well as for fighting the impacts of climate change.” Read more via the link provided.

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