Discussion paper

This paper seeks to start discussion how government, industry and the community can work together to address the challenges and risks arising from greater digital engagement.

The result of this conversation will be the release of Australia’s first Cyber White Paper in the first half of 2012.

This discussion paper seeks your views on a wide range of issues, including how we can together minimise cyber risks so we can maximise social and economic opportunities in the digital economy. We greatly value your views on how we can get the right balance between Australia’s social, economic and security needs. The discussion paper is not designed for a technical audience. However, a glossary of terms has been provided at the back of the document to assist readers unfamiliar with terms or concepts.

The Cyber White Paper website will enable electronic lodgement of submissions relating to questions in the discussion paper.

Written submissions can be forwarded electronically to cyberwhitepaper@pmc.gov.au or via mail to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, One National Circuit, Barton, 2600, ACT.

The White Paper team will accept written submissions from 14 September to 14 November, after which formal submissions will close. The final White Paper will be released in the first half of 2012.

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