National plan of action - seabirds 2020: reducing the incidental catch of seabirds in fisheries

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New Zealand is a centre of seabird biodiversity: of an estimated 346 seabird species, there are approximately 145 taxa that use New Zealand waters, and 95 species that breed in New Zealand. Many of these species’ activities overlap with fishing, which can lead to the bycatch of seabirds. This report outlines the New Zealand Government’s ongoing plan to reduce the bycatch of seabirds in fisheries. 

The NPOA-Seabirds 2020’s vision is that New Zealand strives for no fishing-related seabird captures.

Guided by this vision, the NPOA-Seabirds 2020 has four goals:

  1. Avoiding bycatch — effective bycatch-mitigation practices are implemented in New Zealand fisheries.
  2. Healthy seabird populations — direct effects of New Zealand fishing don’t threaten seabird populations.
  3. Research and information — information to effectively manage fisheries impacts on seabirds is continuously improved.
  4. International engagement — New Zealand actively engages internationally to promote the use of measures that reduce impacts on New Zealand seabirds.
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