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Crafting, standardizing, and maintaining a consistent style is essential to establishing and promoting an organization’s brand. As with any organization, Creative Commons’ (CC) brand should help CC build trust with stakeholders and the broader community, as well as maintain and grow CC’s reputation, legitimacy, and leadership in the global commons and the open movement.

Although important, this style guide shouldn’t feel restrictive or diminish creative expression. Instead, it should serve as a useful guide for anyone creating CC-related content. This style guide should also not be considered final and/or comprehensive, it’s the beginning of a longer process to flesh out, define, and standardize CC’s style in order to portray CC’s brand more clearly and consistently.

This document should be used by any person responsible for creating communication materials and/ or visual assets for CC, including graphic designers, video editors, developers, and professional printers. It’s also a useful reference for CC staff, affiliates and community members.

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