Enabling good lives sooner rather than later: where to from here?

A sector briefing from NZDSN
Disability disability policy Social services Government expenditure New Zealand

This report discusses the funding challenges that are affecting the New Zealand disability sector and makes some recommendations to address the problem. 

Key findings:

  1. Evidence suggests that 15,000 disabled people and their families are not getting access to support they are entitled to. Local demonstrations and pilots show that on top of people already receiving support, there is an additional 25% of disabled New Zealanders and their families who don’t currently access the system.  
  2. There is a 15% gap between the actual costs of providing current services and the contract prices paid to providers - a $210m shortfall.

Key recommendations:

  1. Implement a Transparent Residential Pricing Model (RPM).
  2. Make a start on addressing immediate pricing shortfalls with a 5% contract price uplift for each of the next 3 years across all MoH and MSD funded providers.
  3. Implement Flexible Disability Supports (FDS) Contracts nationally.



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