Attitudes to government and government services

26 Oct 2011

A growing number of Australians are concerned about the quality of government, according to the latest ANUpoll. The poll, Attitudes to government and government services, probed public views on government and government services and how these services should change in the years ahead. It found that satisfaction with democracy in Australia had declined to its lowest level since 1998, after peaking in 2007, although it still remained high by international standards. There was strong support in the poll for more expenditure on social services, with 55 per cent of respondents in favour of this suggestion. On the other hand, 39 per cent wanted reduced taxes, which was substantially lower than in 1987, when 65 per cent took this view. The poll also found that most Australians wanted more taxes on banks, mining companies and companies producing carbon pollution and there was strong support for tax cuts for small businesses, people with low incomes and those contributing to retirement funds. Among the other findings from the poll: ·         half of the population believes that the Federal Government has enough power; ·         more people believe that unemployment and taxes have increased, but the standard of living has improved; ·         the public is generally supportive of reforms to the tax and welfare systems; and ·         40 per cent of respondents prefer to deal with a government department in person.

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