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First Peoples

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Prioritise Indigenous knowledges and embed a western science perspective

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There is the illusion among Australian society that western science was the beginning point for ‘civilisation’ on this continent and that without it, First Nations people would not have advanced nor would our people have survived through the ages. First Nations people hold it as the epitome to explain our natural world and the phenomenons that exist within it. Western science is seen as more trustworthy because it seems to provide empirical and testable knowledge which is then supported through academic research and study. With this thinking we often denounce all other systems of knowledge as lesser, or ‘inadequate’.
 Despite the fact that throughout centuries, Indigenous people have been the first innovators and without any coincidence, have been responsible for the development of many technologies and discoveries. 

Western science has a lot to learn from Indigenous Knowledges, to provide explanations and solutions to major issues our modern world is currently facing. Some of the environmental problems like the water availability in the Murray Darling basin and bushfire management through fire stick farming could have been more appropriately managed if Indigenous Knowledge systems were prioritised. 

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