This plan showcases how AbSec will represent the interests of Aboriginal children, families and organisations in the next strategic cycle. It builds on AbSec’s foundations, and continues work they have initiated over the past three years to transform supports for Aboriginal kids and families, and to voice and promote best practices that strengthen and uphold Aboriginal children, young people, families and their communities.

Key Objectives:

  • AbSec aims to empower the voice and perspectives of Aboriginal children and young people through innovative leadership and ambassadorship programs, in particular shining a light on their experiences of the out-of-home care system, so to affect change.
  • Collecting, developing and owning own data and evidence, as a driver for creating a NSW Centre for Aboriginal Child and Family Excellence.
  • Designing and implementing programs with non-Aboriginal, non-government partners that benefit Aboriginal children, young people, families and communities.
  • Developing the AbSec Learning and Development Centre will be critical, as it is the vehicle by which to support the sector’s Aboriginal workforce and creating an additional income stream to conduct AbSec’s business more effectively.
  • Change must be effectively embedded within government policy frameworks to realise genuine and sustainable outcomes for Aboriginal children and families. AbSec's active engagement and influence, and the quality and impact of their policy advice, will demonstrate their success in this regard, as well as the number of times where this has led to a positive result.
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