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29 May 2014

Throughout the 2000s, agency running costs grew 23% in real terms (adjusted for inflation) despite an efficiency dividend of at least 1% throughout the decade. The dividend has also failed to curb costly changes in the size and makeup of the public service.



21 Nov 2013

This paper proposes steps to move the Federal budget back to surplus in the short term.


The new Abbott government should address its self-identified budget emergency by cutting wasteful spending now. Reducing government will also help prepare Australia for its future...


23 May 2013

Howard’s Work Choices reforms were seen by many as the enemy of the Aussie ‘fair go.’ Since then, the spectre of Work Choices has loomed large over the debate on labour market reform and created a toxic debate over the benefits and prospects of further...


6 Dec 2012

Since the Labor Government replaced WorkChoices with the Fair Work Act , many business leaders have complained that the new legislation has made the labour market inflexible and unworkable. Conversely, some union leaders have voiced their disappointment that the Fair Work Act did not go...


31 Oct 2011

Sydney needs a network of ferries that is able to cater to the city’s changing demographics but is also financially sustainable and responsible.

The current state-controlled model has proved inefficient, backward looking, and costly to taxpayers. Sydney Ferries made more passenger trips in 2000–01...

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