Global connections: a study of multinational companies in Sydney

2 Mar 2009

Sydney operates as a significant location, but not as a global centre, for the vast majority of foreign multinational companies. Self-sufficient and largely stand-alone, Sydney operations of multinationals are essentially local implementers, rather than regional or global innovators for their parent companies. But, Sydney is more important to the strategies of foreign multinationals in 2008 than it was a decade ago, a positive trend that provides the base for future benefits to Sydney and to multinational companies.

Understanding how Sydney features in the strategies, organisation and location decisions of multinational corporations is critical for governments, MNCs and resident firms alike.

Conducted by Enright Scott & Associates principal Michael Enright, this research has been informed by surveying a large number of MNCs operating in the Asia-Pacific region with a focus on identifying which activities are currently conducted in Australia, and what the opportunities and impediments are to attracting more high value, knowledge related activities.

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