This report discusses how Australian manufacturers can stop burning fossil fuels by switching to renewable electricity. It includes 10 ‘How to electrify’ guides for making many common industrial products without fossil fuels, including milk powder, paper, aluminium casting, brick, glass, plastic, steel, ammonia and beer.

Key points:

  1. Renewable energy could be 30 to 50% cheaper in just 10 years. In some places this could make electricity cheaper than gas.
  2. Electricity is a versatile form of energy that can be used to power any industrial heat process. By switching to electrical heating we can halve the energy required to produce many goods, while reducing costs and increasing production speed.
  3. Renewable electricity could power a vibrant industry in recycling materials including plastic, glass and paper.
  4. Thousands of factories across Australia could save money on energy today, by replacing their gas-fired boilers with industrial heat pumps.
  5. The manufacturing sector drives innovation, exports and creates high-quality jobs. Governments should help Australian manufacturers capitalise on the zero-carbon opportunity with ambitious industrial policy.





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