This publication presents information on government funding for VET in Australia and reports on:

  • governments’ contributions to VET and funding allocations across states and territories
  • VET funding by VET activities and funding distributions across training or student characteristics
  • the value of public VET assets of property, plant and equipment.

Government provisions for VET loans are presented separately in this publication.


In 2018, government funding provided through VET appropriations and VET intergovernmental funding arrangements totalled $6.1 billion, a decrease in nominal terms of $134.6 million (2.1%) compared to 2017.

This includes:

  • the Australian Government contributing $2.8 billion, a decrease of $325.8 million (10.6%)
  • state and territory governments contributing $3.4 billion, an increase of $191.3 million (6.0%).

In 2018, compared with 2017, the Australian Government also provided:

  • $297.3 million for VET Student Loans (including grandfathered VET FEE-HELP loans), a decrease of $204.9 million (40.8%)
  • $212.2 million for Trade Support Loans, an increase of $25.9 million (13.9%).

In 2018, VET funds distributed totalled $6.1 billion, an increase in nominal terms of $33.8 million (0.6%) compared to 2017.

In 2018 compared with 2017, funds distributed across VET activities were:

  • $4.7 billion for direct VET delivery, an increase of $17.9 million (0.4%)
  • $600.3 million for employer assistance to engage in VET, a decrease of $16.8 million (2.7%)
  • $122.7 million for student assistance for equipment, travel and other costs, an increase of $48.0 million (64.2%)
  • $682.5 million for system administration, governance and capital investment, a decrease of $15.3 million (2.2%).



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