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Section 44 of the Public Service Act 1999 (Cth) stipulates that the Australian Public Service Commissioner shall issue a report each year to the agency’s Minister for presentation to the Australian Parliament. The report must include a report on the state of the Australian Public Service (APS) during the year.

The State of the Service Report 2018–19 identifies the year-to-year trends in workforce participation and capability across the APS.

This is the 22nd annual report on the state of the APS presented to Parliament. The report has been significantly enhanced since it was first tabled in 1998.

This year, the report has been organised around two key themes— culture and capability.

The report contains an overview of the current state of play in the APS and the future opportunities and challenges for the APS workforce. The remaining seven chapters are grouped under the two themes outlined above.

The appendixes to the State of the Service Report 2018–19 comprise:

  • APS workforce information sources
  • APS agencies
  • APS workforce trends
  • supporting statistics to the report
  • unscheduled absence data.


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