New perspectives on integrating social networking and internet communications in the curriculum

2 Nov 2011

Several issues in educational technology are examined in this EU paper, including those related to the current concern about ICT integration in educational and social contexts, the basis for a reform in education and redirection of the instructional processes.
Current educational curricula do not fully cover children and young people's formative necessities in the present technological society. Although in the western world an important effort is being made at institutional level to strengthen the presence of ICT in schools, the principal integrating focus is directed towards their use as didactic recourses and auxiliars, which optimise the teaching-learning process.
However, today it is completely necessary that they are, themselves, an object of study, in such a way that students of different educational levels can be trained to use them and their products correctly and critically, especially in social networking and all the possibilities of Internet communications (Web 2.0 and beyond), which follow the educational constructivist paradigm. Only thus will an authentic and efficient integration be possible.


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