People with disability: action plan to improve WA public sector employment outcomes 2020-2025

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Increasing the number of people with disability employed in the sector requires sustained effort, a different way of doing things and stronger accountability.

All agencies are responsible for achieving the new target. Any actions taken also require added input and support of employees with disability whose ideas and participation in making our sector as inclusive as possible are essential.

This action plan focuses on four key improvement areas.

  • Educate and empower - a knowledge and capability uplift is a priority consideration in planning for people with disability.
  • Attract and develop - recruitment and development practices proactively identify and grow the talent of people with disability.
  • Lead and build - there is deliberate leadership to build organisation cultures where all people are treated fairly and respectfully.
  • Account and celebrate - responsibility is taken for improving the representation and inclusion of people with disability.

Actions to be initiated by the Commission are described, together with a suite of actions for agencies to implement.

It is understood that agencies have differing needs and contexts, and therefore they should adopt those actions in a way best suited to their needs.

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