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12 Feb 2015

This research reaffirms the need for intensive accommodation support services to complement criminal justice responses to crime and those who have contact with the criminal justice system.


It is generally accepted that a person’s living situation, in particular their experience of...

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27 Feb 2012

Recent data from the Australian Institute of Criminology’s Drug Use Monitoring in Australia program indicate a decrease in the use of ecstasy among police detainees.

Specifically, only five percent of police detainees in 2010 and 2011 reported using ecstasy; 50 percent lower than in...


24 Feb 2012

Recent survey by the Australian Institute of Criminology regarding the use of both illegal and legal pharmacutical drugs by police detainees. In light of increased concern regarding the illegal use of prescription medication and the extent of the diversion of pharmaceuticals into the black market,...


4 Nov 2011

The latest DUMA data shows that the continuing decline in methamphetamine use since 2004 has ended, with rates of use among police detainees increasing in both 2010 and 2011. Twenty one percent of police detainees in 2011 tested positive to methamphetamine—up from 16...

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