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Beyond the bubble: the online conversation on research and development

Collaborative research Research management Evidence-based policy Social media

This report calls on researchers to take steps to ensure expertise and evidence is more effectively part of discussions online through the production of more engaging content. One of these steps includes more explicitly linking research to the lived experience of relevant people and communities.

The report also finds that individuals observed across a range of social media platforms express scepticism about possible applications of new research, and sometimes the motivation behind it. The report shows that the public instead want to see clarity and transparency from those carrying out research.

The report makes further recommendations for how researchers can better communicate their research to the public, including:

  • Mitigating scepticism of research through integrity, clarity and transparency around the motivation behind it and the possible applications of the research
  • Making partnerships with existing influencers
  • Highlighting the future applications of the research. People are invested in developments which are groundbreaking, completely new or cutting-edge
  • Making content people-focussed, using case studies of people with admirable qualities and displaying lived experiences


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