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National Early Years Summit 2020

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 - 08:30 to Thursday, March 12, 2020 - 04:45
65 Queens Road, Albert Park
Melbourne VIC

All children in Australia deserve the opportunity to reach their potential and thrive, to live lives that are happy, in which they can fully participate, and positively contribute to our community.

For a variety of reasons beyond the control of children and their families, too many miss out on realising their potential.

We know that the best time to help a child reach their potential is in their first 1000 days.

The need for us to do more in this precious window of time is clear. What is less clear is how we go about it.

Working together for their first 1000 days and beyond

The National Early Years Summit 2020 will begin a ten-year endeavour by bringing those who work on the front line with children together with academics, government policy makers, parents, and others.

Our time during the Summit will include building on a knowledge of what works for kids, highlighting what information we lack, and how we can acquire it. It will also include thought and advocacy on how best to apply that knowledge to get the best results for our children with the limited resources available to governments, organisations, and families.

The Summit marks the beginning of a new nation-building initiative that will benefit generations of young Australians and their families.

I invite you to join us at Australia’s National Early Years Summit 2020 as we set a better course for our kids.