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Draft Australian guidelines to reduce health risks from drinking alcohol

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These guidelines have been produced by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) to inform Australians of the health risks of drinking alcohol and to provide recommendations to reduce these risks to a low level. This will help people make informed decisions about how much alcohol they choose to drink.

The guidelines are based on a thorough evaluation of the evidence. Their development was guided by an independent expert committee with expertise including clinical and public health, alcohol policy, alcohol research, consumer advocacy, epidemiology and biostatistics. Details about how each guideline was developed are included in the ‘Rationale’ and ‘Scientific evidence’ sections within each guideline.

The general aim of these recommendations is to keep alcohol consumption below a level of risk that is seen as acceptable for those that drink alcohol, based on what the evidence says about the effects of drinking alcohol. It also recognises that on average, Australians who drink alcohol are estimated to consume alcohol about three times per week.

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