Focusing Australia’s publicly funded research review: maximising the innovation dividend review key findings and future directions

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This report examines the nature and utility of Australia's publicly funded research arrangements, with a particular focus on priority-setting.

It is the final report of the  Focusing Australia’s Publicly Funded Research Review, undertaken from February to July 2011 inclusive and examined a number of issues in regards to  It addressed the following issues:

  • The roles of publicly funded research agencies to ensure they do not unnecessarily overlap with each other and/or other sectors in the research system
  • The appropriateness of the current level and balance of public funding for different types of research
  • The utility of the current public funding arrangements including the role of the National Research Priorities in meeting national priorities and needs
  • The value of a long-term strategy to provide collaborative research infrastructure
  • Options to develop performance measures to evaluate publicly funded research programs.
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