The Imagination Declaration: young Indigenous Australians want to be heard – but will we listen?

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At the 2019 Garma Festival, 65 Indigenous and non-Indigenous students from years six to 12 came together for a Youth Forum and wrote their own follow up to 2017’s Uluru Statement from the Heart, titled The Imagination Declaration. This document is a challenge to the prime minister and education ministers to involve young people – and Indigenous Australians in particular – in making policy about their future.
"With 60,000 years of genius and imagination in our hearts and minds, we can be one of the groups of people that transform the future of life on Earth, for the good of us all. 
We can design the solutions that lift islands up in the face of rising seas, we can work on creative agricultural solutions that are in sync with our natural habitat, we can re-engineer schooling, we can invent new jobs and technologies, and we can unite around kindness. We are not the problem, we are the solution." - excerpt from The Imagination Declaration.

Young people under 25 years make up more than half of the Indigenous population, even more than the one-third proportion of non-Indigenous Australians the same age. Yet we rarely hear the perspectives of the future leaders and custodians of the oldest living culture in the world.

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