Sensitivity Warning

First Peoples

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be aware that this resource may contain images or names of people who have since passed away.


This resource contains information about suicide which may be upsetting to some people.

Conference proceedings

The Empowered Young Leaders project exists in response to the significant rates of Aboriginal youth suicide in the Kimberley region. The main objective of holding the two forums in Broome and Kununurra was to build the skills, responsibility, confidence and capacity in young people. The most powerful outcome of the Empowered Young Leaders Forum was the development of the Collective Impact Statement.

Key Recommendations:

  • Youth delegates identified the need to increase the participation and involvement of young Aboriginal people to co-design and lead place based suicide prevention/intervention initiatives underpinned by a collective impact approach within communities, service providers and key agencies. Allocated funding is needed for resources and support to assist young Aboriginal people establish and sustain Local Aboriginal Youth Action Committees (LAYAC) in each town and/or community across the West Kimberley region
  • Youth delegates identified the central role education has in a person’s whole life journey, especially increasing knowledge and awareness of early intervention, prevention and response strategies for at risk behaviours associated with suicide and self-harm.There needs to be increased funding, resources and access to information related to suicide and self-harm, self-care and social, emotional health & wellbeing that is age and culturally appropriate for young people in a local context.
  • There is an urgent need for service providers and agencies to work more collaboratively to enhance the successful delivery of services and programs to young people, especially when a young person is seeking support due to at risk behaviour, such as suicidal ideation or selfharm. 
  • Service providers and agencies need to adopt practices and systems to streamline access to support services to ensure holistic support is being provided when an at risk young Aboriginal person and/or community is seeking support.
  • Key community stakeholders in the youth services sector to provide reports to the community, especially young Aboriginal people ensure accountability and transparency of services are being maintained across the West Kimberley region.


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