Cultural Burning is about more than just hazard reduction

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Aboriginal Cultural Fire Practitioners see the role Aboriginal cultural burning can play in managing fire in NSW and the rest of Australia. 

It is maybe not widely acknowledged or known but Aboriginal people have and continue to play vital roles in the firefighting effort. From Planning Officers, Firefighters on the trucks, and in other essential roles in bushfire planning and caring for Country. Many Aboriginal people across NSW have been undertaking the cultural practice of Burning which has in the past provided the added benefit, on top of the cultural maintenance, of reducing the bushfire threat.

One of the most common questions asked is what the difference is between hazard reduction and cultural burning which is explored further in this article. 

An occurrence in the NSW bushfire crisis is that hazard reductions have had little effect in stopping or even slowing the progression of the intense fires we have been experiencing. There are even occurrences where these fires have burnt back through areas only burnt a month before in the leaf fall from the previous fire.

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