Men in focus: unpacking masculinities and engaging men in the prevention of violence against women

Evidence review
Violence against women Family violence Masculinity Violence prevention Australia

This document seeks to build on existing primary prevention knowledge and work by developing a deeper understanding of the links between masculinities and violence against women and ways to engage men and boys in prevention efforts. It provides an overview and critical discussion of the scholarship on masculinities in order to understand the dynamics of contemporary masculinities. Further, it reviews the international and Australian research on men, masculinities and violence against women to help understand the links between dominant forms and patterns of masculinity and violence against women. It draws out the implications of the literature for prevention work by suggesting how challenges to harmful forms of masculinity and the engaging of men in prevention efforts can help reduce and prevent violence against women.

Recommendations for policy makers

  1. Incorporate masculinities work into existing prevention efforts.
  2. Engage men and boys in prevention efforts.
  3. Implement work across all levels of society, and in key settings.
  4. Address all forms of inequality and discrimination.
  5. Build the evidence base.
  6. Build partnerships and collaborations.









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