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Citizen engagement in policy-making – raising the citizens’ voice – Sydney

Venue TBC: 
Sydney, Australia
Course Commencement Date
29 Apr 2020

Worldwide there is an increasing trend towards citizens wanting to have a voice in how they are governed. This has seen the emergence of online tools designed to raise the voices of individuals, build communities of similar thinkers and ultimately influence the agendas of government.

The challenge of course is that the views expressed through these mediums are invariably polarised and most often don’t include the voices of the ‘quiet middle’. This creates challenges for governments.

This workshop explores ways of building an informed community; enabling a more meaningful discussion between government and community. It also focuses in on how you can better hear from all Australians.

Effective citizen engagement approaches enable governments to:

  • develop solutions and make decisions when there are strong, entrenched and competing views among stakeholders/community members
  • genuinely include community and citizens in the policy-making process; building trust and buy-in for the implementation phase
  • understand the community’s view and help raise its voice when faced with strong stakeholder views on a policy issue.
  • This two-day workshop explores underpinning theory behind deep and effective engagement and equip participants with practical tools and practices.

Who should attend?

  • Managers and senior officers involved in stakeholder and community engagement
  • Policy teams looking to explore citizen and deliberative engagement as part of their policy-making process

What you will learn?

  • How to build an informed community; enabling a more meaningful discussion between government and community to generate actionable policy directions.
  • The different practices and approaches to engagement and when context and environment may influence the application of these approaches.
  • Approaches and practices that can be applied to managing complex stakeholder engagements

Who will lead the course?

Emma Fletcher

Emma is Co-CEO of Australia’s leading deliberative democracy company – democracyCo. In this role she designs, and project manages large and complex engagement projects. Emma’s background is in public policy, having worked at the highest echelons of the public service in South Australia and abroad.

Emily Jenke

Emily is one of Australia’s most skilled engagement practitioners and an accomplished and talented facilitator of deliberative practice of nearly 20 years. Emily has deigned and delivered deliberative flagship engagement and democracy initiatives since 2010 across many States and Territories at state, federal and local government level.


Enthusiasm! The workshop is exactly that, a workshop. So be prepared to engage and even take risks. Stepping out of your comfort zone can bring great reward.

There is some pre-workshop work required prior to attending. In order to get the most out of this workshop, you will need to complete some pre-reading and bring along an example of policy involving community engagement.

All participants will receive access to ANZSOG’s eLearning site which will include workshop preparation materials and general information.

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Registrations close on Monday, 27 April 2020.

Course Cost
$2,100 (inc. GST)
Course Organisation