An analysis of the social enterprise sector in the UK

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This paper provides an overview of the current state of the UK social enterprise sector and some analysis on how the UK Government has helped facilate the growth of the sector. The following points bring together the outstanding features of the UK’s social enterprise sector: 

  1. Successive UK governments have shown some degree of interest in the social enterprise sector.
  2. There has been an increase in the number of interested politicians in the sector and its performance.
  3. There is a willingness of the UK government to involve professionals in the process of decision making.
  4. The legal frame-work has been adjusted to accommodate the social enterprise sector where it has allowed the legal system to cope with the growth and dynamic of the sector.
  5. Access to capital is also an area where the UK government, as well as private sector, have been trying to improve the social enterprise sector
  6. A highly motivated, informative and well-connected network of expertise.
  7. A wealth of professional resources and well-informed professional bodies who are able to advise the government on the requirements of the sector and bring the policy closer to practice.
  8. The sector has produced positive economic and social outcomes over the past decade or so
  9. Positive contributions of the social enterprise sector to the businesses, such as: less absentees, highly motivated staff, more room for innovations.
  10. The social enterprise sector in the UK has contributed towards an inclusive and positive work environment where staff are considered as co-owners/partners rather than employees, creating the sense of belonging rather than just working for the organisation.



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