This document outlines Social Venture Australia's evidence-informed perspective on what they believe is required to ensure all people with disability are full and equal participants in the Australian community. 


  1. The rights, voice and participation of people with disability should be paramount in discussions and decisions which affect them.
  2. The government must play a more active role in stewarding the development of a quality disability services market that adequately supports all people with disability.
  3. Service delivery organisations must focus on getting better not just bigger. This includes redesigning their organisation and services to situate consumers at the centre and implementing client feedback loops to systematically and frequently collect and act on client feedback.
  4. Social policy and program frameworks must enable and incentivise integration, collaboration and cooperation between the disability sector and other universal services (such as housing, employment, education, health and justice) to reduce the risk of people missing out on service or receiving services with conflicting or contradictory approaches.
  5. Service delivery organisations should collaborate with government and the private sector to explore and invest in innovation, technologies, infrastructure, and services that can reduce the reliance of people with disability on attendant care and increase their independence where possible.




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