This research highlights the current trends in New Zealands' internet use and public perceptions of the internet market.

Key findings:

  1. The way New Zealanders are accessing the Internet hasn’t changed significantly in the last 12 months. New Zealanders still predominantly accessing the Internet from home, although the frequency of accessing at work has increased slightly.
  2. SMS (text) is the most popular social media channel, however Facebook has the highest frequency of use.
  3. Perceived benefits of the Internet continue to be accessing information and communicating with family and friends.
  4. New Zealanders are concerned about young children accessing inappropriate content, cyberbullying and the security of personal data. While the latter continues to be a key concern, overall concerns about security have decreased significantly – people are less concerned about the security of their personal data, identity theft and threats to privacy than they were in 2018.
  5. One-fifth of people are aware of the Christchurch Call and of those, four out of five can accurately articulate an aspect of the content.


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