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12 Dec 2011

Single‐sex classes within coeducational environments are likely to modify students' risk‐taking attitudes in economically important ways. To test this, we designed a controlled experiment using first year college students who made choices over real‐stakes lotteries at two distinct dates. Students were randomly assigned...


16 Feb 2009

Women and men may differ in their propensity to choose a risky outcome because of innate preferences or because their innate preferences are modified by pressure to conform to gender-stereotypes. Single-sex environments are likely to modify students’ risk-taking preferences in economically important ways. To test...


16 Feb 2009

Using a controlled experiment, this paper examines the role of nurture in explaining the stylized fact that women shy away from competition.

The subjects (students just under 15 years of age) attend publicly-funded single-sex and coeducational schools. The authors find robust differences between the...

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