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Somewhere to live: exploring solutions to the housing affordability crisis in Aotearoa New Zealand

Affordable housing Fiscal policy Housing markets Housing prices Rental affordability Rental housing New Zealand
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This research paper has been developed by Dr Jenny McArthur, a New Zealand researcher based at University College London, in conjunction with the Helen Clark Foundation. Dr McArthur’s research focuses on urban governance and policy, including planning, financing, funding and delivery of urban infrastructure systems.

In this paper, Dr McArthur applies this expertise to aspects of the housing affordability crisis currently facing Aotearoa New Zealand, and offers a range of solutions that could help to improve the current situation. Dr McArthur focuses particularly on fiscal policies to improve declining rates of home ownership, and innovative models of housing provision, and advocates for a planned de-escalation of the speculative cycle in order to safely reduce house prices. It is understood that further policy reform to, for example, expand social housing provision, enhance the capacity of the community housing sector, increase the supply of accessible homeownership options, improve conditions for people who rent their home, and improve the equity of housing assistance provision would also help to address the current crisis and could be implemented alongside the measures explored in this paper.

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