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Improving protections of employees’ wages and entitlements: further strengthening the civil compliance and enforcement framework

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Industrial relations can play an important role in contributing to the strength of the Australian economy. Potential reform to, or changes within, the Australian industrial relations system should be measured against three criteria; driving jobs and wages growth, boosting productivity and strengthening the economy, while ensuring protection of employees’ rights.

Importantly, an effective industrial relations system should strive to achieve the best overall balance, having regard to the needs of both employees and employers, including those engaged in small business.

The Prime Minister has asked the Attorney-General, in his capacity as Minister for Industrial Relations, to take a fresh look at the industrial relations system to identify how it is operating and where there are impediments to shared gains for employers and employees.

This paper seeks input from the community (by way of written submissions) about the operation of the current compliance and enforcement framework relating to protection of employees’ wages and entitlements.

Discussion questions are included to guide feedback. However, stakeholders may also provide further information and suggestions relevant to the matters discussed.

Submissions close on Friday, 3 April 2020.

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