Wein, Paen, Ya Ang Gim: Victorian Aboriginal experiences of energy and water

3 Jan 2012

This report details the findings of a research project exploring Victorian Aboriginal people’s experiences as consumers of energy and water. It examines the challenges faced by Victorian Aboriginal consumers, and, based on their insights and suggestions, proposes practical solutions to those challenges.

This report is a call, to energy and water businesses, the Victorian and Federal governments, regulators and other key stakeholders, to be part of the solution. Effectively addressing the issues raised in the report will require a demonstrated commitment to justice and equity for Aboriginal energy and water consumers, and pro-active steps by those in a position to make a difference. The report’s recommendations are numerous and wide-ranging, reflecting the interconnectedness of energy and water with other services. If implemented, they will make a difference for Victorian Aboriginal consumers of energy and water and have benefits for marginalised consumers beyond the Aboriginal community.

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Image: Report cover, Wayne Morgan, 'Long neck turtle dreaming' (detail)

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