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Working paper

30 Aug 2011

This paper reviews Indonesia’s implementation of green fiscal policies and discusses recent Indonesian fiscal policy responses to its commitment to reduce its emissions by 2020.

In common with other archipelagic countries, Indonesia is vulnerable to such impacts of climate change as prolonged droughts, increased...

Working paper

30 Aug 2011

This paper argues the importance for Indonesia to start developing strategies to mitigate its emissions from fossil fuel combustion.

Indonesia is among the largest 25 carbon dioxide emitting countries when considering only fossil fuels, and among the top three or five when emissions due...

Working paper

30 Jan 2011

The findings in this paper suggest there is a permanent, positive, and large effect of childhood migration on education attainment and some health measures.

Developing countries are experiencing unprecedented levels of urbanization. Although most of these movements are motivated by economic reasons, they could...

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