Democracy promotion and 'new' democracies

30 Sep 2011

Since the early decades of the 20th century, an element of international relations has been the notion that democratic ideals are universal and that their spread across the globe can be encouraged by governments. One of the more recent expressions of the idea has been the “democracy promotion” programs funded by official aid agencies of developed democracies, but the idea has changed and evolved over time. But from the very beginning, debate over the promotion of democracy could never be neatly disentangled from arguments about the interests of the countries doing the promoting.


Reviewing a paper that examines recent trends in the foreign policy positions of Brazil, India, South Africa, Indonesia and Turkey, this artlcle discusses how the US and other Western countries should respond to those policies and how these rising democracies’ foreign policies should be engaged with in order to encourage increased commitment to the promotion of democracy.

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