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This analysis shows Northen Territory (NT) fracking emissions under the NT Government’s own fracking inquiry’s high production scenario would be worse than the emissions of Australia’s coal fleet across the National Energy Market (NEM) in 2030, and require more offsets each year than have ever been issued in Australia to date.

Key findings:

  • Government documents released under FOI show annual emissions from fracking for gas in the NT could be as large as 22% of Australia’s current annual emissions
  • This would be more carbon emissions than from all coal power stations expected to then be running in the NEM
  • The analysis also shows that the offsets required to offset NT fracking lifecycle emissions under the larger production scenario would be larger each year than all Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) ever issued by the Australian Government (74 MtCO2e)
  • This follows previous analysis that found offsetting just the emissions produced in Australia would cost billions of dollars to offset every year. The NT Government has committed to offsetting all offsets.
  • The Australia Institute has called on the NT Government to confirm it will keep its commitment to properly implement the Fracking Inquiry’s recommendation that fracking can only go ahead if all fracking emissions are offset. This includes using credited Australian Government offsets, Accredited Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs).
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