Working paper

A review of Australian government labour market policies since 1945

30 Oct 2011

This working paper outlines the labour force participation issues facing us today and reflects on labour market reforms in Australia over time.

It provides a background for further work and discussion with key stakeholders, principally government and the Australian Public Service. it reviews past efforts to increase workforce participation in Australia and identify the areas where more innovative policies could be developed.

The paper is the first step in undertaking a longer program of work on workforce participation designed to elicit new and innovative policy ideas on this complex issue. The program will include commissioned papers drawing on expertise from Australia and overseas and a series of workshops and forums with government, stakeholders and international visiting fellows. a final report drawing together the ideas and analysis from the program is envisaged for 2012.

This paper is part of the HC Coombs policy forum research series Visioning Australia’s Future.
Visioning Australia’s Future will deliver an integrated series of forward-looking research focusing on Australia’s economic and social fabric and the nation’s ability to manage the implications of the resources boom and
a ‘patchwork’ economy.

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