Social media, privacy and security: identifying and managing the public policy risks

11 Mar 2011

This brief report summarises a workshop on the privacy and security risks associated with social media and how best to manage these risks.

The workshop also examined how to develop an agenda for evidence-based research that will assist government agencies to navigate the opportunities and challenges of social media.

The main themes to emerge from the workshop were:

>> there is a need to understand the risks to privacy and security posed by converging technologies

>> developments in the area of social media are happening quickly and it is difficult to keep up with current developments, let alone predict future developments

>> privacy concerns have the potential to diminish the value of social media to business and government

>> little is known about people’s attitudes to online privacy risks and how their attitudes affect their behaviour

>> there is a lack of research in this area and more research is needed to understand the implications and identify ways of managing the risks.

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