Evaluation of the impact of febfast participation: final report

19 Jan 2012

This evaluation examines the febfast (alcohol-free month) event to understand who took part and why, and what impacts the event had on their alcohol awareness, health and subsequent drinking behaviours with the aim of increasing participation rates in the future.

febfast is an annual health and charity event that encourages people to forgo alcohol in February while raising money to support young people experiencing alcohol and other drug related problems.

According to the febfast website, there are two main functions of the event: (1) to raise funds to support young people with alcohol and drug problems; and (2) to give participants a break from alcohol after the December/January holiday and festive season.

Participants can sign up for the event as individuals or in teams, and pay a $25 registration fee. If people have an event they are celebrating during February, they can purchase a Time Out Certificate for $25 that allows them to drink alcohol on a nominated date.

febfast uses social media to attract participants and keep them informed. Participants can establish an online fundraising page where they can personalise it by adding photos, a blog or video clips. Friends and family members can donate and offer messages of support and participants can nominate fundraising targets. There is a league table of the top individual and company fundraisers on the website. febfast is overseen by an eight member Board. It has celebrity endorsement from Sarah Wilson and gets considerable attention and airplay on commercial FM radio during February.

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