You be the judge - VCE Legal Studies teachers' kit

2 Feb 2012

The kit provides the tools and knowledge teachers need to deliver engaging classes for VCE Legal Studies. It uses real case studies, with names and some details changed.

This VCE Legal Studies teachers' kit has been substantially revised and updated.

The updates to the kit include:

  • an outline of the new sentencing orders available since early 2012
  • up-to-date data on sentencing trends for the four offences covered in the case studies
  • references to the current VCE Legal Studies curriculum.

The kit provides all the tools and knowledge teachers need to deliver engaging classes. Students can be encouraged to identify, consider, discuss and apply the principles of sentencing for one of four real-life case studies: armed robbery, culpable driving causing death, drug trafficking and murder.

You be the Judge requires students to weigh and balance the same factors in sentencing that judges do. In doing so, students learn how criminal sentencing is affected by the boundaries of the law, current sentencing practices and community values. The kit is a proven resource for VCE Legal Studies in Years 11 and 12, specifically in Units 1 and 4.

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